the Jaques-Dalcroze institute

The ijd offers musical training through eurhythmics to children, teenagers, adults amateurs, seniors and professional students. Its purpose is to train good amateurs, futur teachers, musicians and versatile artists. Improvisation in particular is an integral part of teaching at all levels.


The Jaques-Dalcroze eurhythmics is part of Geneva and Swiss history. Being long rooted in the local culture it includes collaborations with the public schools where it appears in their program.

Courses and events (concerts, performances) take place at the IJD Terrassière center and in ten other centers in the region.


The student is led to understand and control what he hears, through corporal expression of sounds and rhythms played by the teacher. Stimulation of his global motor skills allows him to experience his body as an instrument, whereby the musicality is felt and transmitted.


  • musicality, sense of rhythm and movement
  • imagination and creativity
  • concentration
  • ease in public
  • self confidence
  • mental balance and relaxation
  • intellectual and physical agility

public events

The school organises artistic productions in correlation to the given courses or as artistic season throughout the year. Performances and concerts enrich Geneva’s musical and cultural life.

ijd : a few figures

  • more than 2’600 students including 35 in HEM (bachelor, master, postgraduate)
  • 32 courses in the programme
  • 60 teachers
  • 80 pianos
  • 400 tambourines
  • more than 300’000 children were introduced to music to this date
  • 13 learning centers located throughout the region